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The finish line in sight for matric learners of the class of 2018 but with that comes the fear of failure.

Cindy Glass, co-founder of Step Up Education Centres says this fear of failure is not conducive to learning, and leads to a vicious cycle.

Cindy has the following tips to ensure matric exam success:

1. Work out a study schedule

Create a study calendar to plan your studying schedule for each day. You must tick off each completed task as you go, this will give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

2. Set your goals for each subject

Ensure that your goals are realistic. Be creative in writing down these goals which you can stick on the wall in your study area. Take the time to remind yourself of what you wish to achieve, every day. This will keep you motivated.

3. Work off past exam papers

Working through past papers (and using the memos to check that you are on the right path) will ensure that you are ready for the actual exams. Past exam papers are key to effective exam preparation.

4. Divide your work into pieces

Looking at the enormity of all that needs to be done for the exams can be overwhelming. Use your calendar to break this big task into smaller, more manageable, bite-size pieces. Be consistent and hold yourself accountable for making sure that you cover the work needed.

5. Create a comfortable workspace

Ensure that you have a designated space to study. A small desk, a comfortable chair, good lighting and the stationery that you will need must be in place before you begin.

6. The best way to study is to put pen-to-paper

You are seven times more likely to remember information if you write it down. Again, focus on past exam papers. Write down the answers and practice the areas you are unsure of, in writing.

7. Look after yourself

This is a time to eat healthily, exercise, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep.

8. Avoid distractions

Be self-disciplined and switch off your cellphone. Remember that you honour yourself by being intrinsically motivated and disciplined.

“Matric exams need not feel like an insurmountable task. Don’t look backwards. Start working towards achieving the best that you can. Trust yourself and know that you can do this,” Glass concludes.

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