Tamlyn overcomes depression through the art of beadwork A Newlands East teenager who has overcome depression has advised other teens going through challenges to seek help and find a therapeutic space which they can use to forget about reality for a while. The grade 10 Ridge Park College pupil, Tamlyn Webster 16 said she did not let depression get her down, after starting beading while going through three weeks of therapy earlier this year. “In March, I was in a psychiatric hospital fighting my depression. In the beginning, I never really had any inspiration, it was more of doing something to get my mind off my mental health issues. I was discharged and my mother’s col IF leagues saw some of the work I had done in hospital and encouraged me to do more. That was when I started using all my resources to gather more ideas for example more designs and techniques. My inspiration began after realising everything I had done meant something to someone. That was also when I felt as if I had a purpose for life, it was as if God had spoken to me,”said. Speaking about her bead work, she said she sells and buy more beads with the money she earns. “Depending on how much I make I try to buy di ferent beads which I use for other ideas. Every weekend, I go shopping for new stock depending on the orders that have been put through. If I have any left over money I use it on myself for the labour I put into it because my mother is a single parent and at times it becomes hard on her having to constantly satisfy my what I would term my ‘wants,” said the creative teen. Webster, who describes herself as a friendly, bubbly, outspoken and very creative person who is also goal driven, has entered a competition for grade 8 12 pupils who are entrepreneurs and she needs your votes. “I need votes for a competition called The Scooler 100K Clash. It is for young entrepreneurs who already have businesses which is already up and running. Should I win, I could get the opportunity to receive coaching, training and marketing worth R 5 0 ,000 on how to run a business. As well as R50,000 cash used to make my business grow, which I would later use to be able to buy more beads and more advanced equipment to make extra beads to donate to an orphanage in need as Christmas presents,” she said.  “Besides voting for me I would like everyone to use my story as a reason to remember that through God anything is possible, if it wasn’t for him and my loved ones, I wouldn’t be alive today to share my story. I would also like to use my beading to Tamlyn Webster 4r, Etk virri .0.141* 1,10 encourage other teenagers like me, if you’re going through difficult challenges in your life, find a therapeutic space which you could use to forget about your reality for a while,” she added.

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