HELP “SAVE A FISHIE” Zoe Prinsloo, a grade 10 learner at Edgemead High School, is a self proclaimed environmental activist as well as a Ranger with the Bothasig Girl Guide Company, Her interest in straws started about two years ago while doing regular beach cleanups and was awarded the Protea Award, the highest award a Girl Guide can achieve. She was so shocked at the number of straws and plastic found on our beaches that this led her on a quest to find a cheap, biodegradable straw easily available to everyone, no more excuses. BIO straws are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They look and feel just like a plastic straws, but at least they won’t still be around a hundred years from now. They only take about nine weeks to decompose. Zoe is so excited about this new business venture. “I feel it is just the beginning and I feel good that in some small way I’m able to hopefully make a difference. I am hoping to get restaurants, cafes and coffee shops on board and would like to encourage them to change over from plastic to these bio straws. I am incredibly passionate about the environment and at the end of the day; I want to use this passion to inspire others to do what they can to help”. Zoe has entered the Scooler Clash Competition.


Read more here: The Monthly Guardian

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