Our Purpose

The issues facing our youth today are critical (as you will see below) and as a direct result of these issues, we have launched the School Entrepreneur Movement, our purpose being to create an entrepreneurial spirit in our schools, so that you, the student, can shape your own future by exploring an alternative to your post-school life, namely, entrepreneurship. The issues facing you when you leave school are daunting:

  • The extremely high unemployment rate in South Africa
  • The high drop-out rates at our universities
  • The high drop-out rate at our schools
  • The exorbitantly high cost of tuition
  • The lack of and limited places in universities
  • The threat of automation, artificial intelligence and robotics and
  • You have no guarantee of a job as a graduate, let alone a school leaver

Why the School Entrepreneur Movement?

As you would have already read, our purpose is to create an entrepreneurial spirit in our schools and to stimulate and nurture this spirit so that students are made aware of another exciting alternative to the usual, “go to university”, “take a gap year” or “get a job” choices.

We have found a serious lack of information available to students around the subject of entrepreneurship resulting in very few students exploring this avenue after school and especially with the grim statistics not occupying the front pages of all major newspapers.

What is the School Entrepreneur Movement?

The movement is all about creating a platform for students at school to start asking vital questions about their futures and exploring the possibilities without fear of judgement or hesitation. Aren’t you tired of adults always asking you what you’re going to do when you finish school? They generally expect you to say lawyer, doctor, policemen or fireman, right?

Well did you know that 65% of kids starting primary school today will work in new jobs that don’t even exist yet (World Economic Forum’s Future Jobs Report). The movement however is about something that will be around forever, entrepreneurship and it’s function is to assist the student in making more informed decisions about their future and exploring their hidden talents.

How will the School Entrepreneur Movement operate?

Our social media platforms: InstagramFacebook and Twitter will take you on an amazing journey into the entrepreneurial universe, providing you with incredible information, powerful content, real life changing stories, quirky quizzes and amazing challenges and competitions plus much more to stimulate your mind and to assist you, show you, encourage you and guide you in this world of unimaginable opportunities.

Imagine if you are the next Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah, Richard Branson,  Arianna Huffington, Estee Lauder the Olsen twins ….keep dreaming, dreams can’t come true if you stop dreaming!

Who are we?

The School Entrepreneur Movement is powered and run by The Lions Den; an entrepreneurial company involved in numerous businesses and initiatives coaching, training, supporting and creating entrepreneurs. Our team’s mixed skilled set and entrepreneurial spirit, positions us perfectly to assist others in their entrepreneurial journey.

Our CEO Leon Lategan, previously CEO of Independent Newspapers digital division IOL and CEO & Founder of one of South Africa’s top digital agencies, Purple Cow which he sold in 2012.

The School Entrepreneur Movement is his brain child and being a university drop out (that’s right) and now a successful serial entrepreneur and international speaker, he fully knows what it means to find yourself with no degree and looking for a job.

We’ve also partnered with Teen Entrepreneur to help them with their entrepreneurial societies.

Leon Lategan
Margot Rolfe
Lydia Zingoni
Founder, SA T.E.F
Monique Elliott
Jan Pretorius
Angela Brooks

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