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2 Minutes with Courtney and Tayla

Soul and Spirit is a teen-owned business, started by Courtney and Tayla van Wyk. It is a custom-made tie-dye business, where you can personalize your colours and design of choice on many different clothing items available.

2 Minutes with Junior Mtungwa

My name is Junior Mtungwa and I am in Grade 10 at Phulong Secondary Senior School.

After grade 12, I will embark on my journey of being an entrepreneur. I will go & study to be an entrepreneur at a university. I will still run my business, but it may disturb my studies.

2 Minutes With Werner Bronkhorst

My business runs along the fields of both products and services. Services in the sense that I do art on commission/commission work which includes custom prints on clothing or drawings/paintings of and for customers at fixed prices. The products I sell are those works I do for the pure enjoyment thereof, works I would consider as “doing for myself”, yet selling them nonetheless. These include paintings and drawings, printing or embroidering of clothes in private time. The most common of these would be my miniature artworks.