Soul and Spirit is a teen-owned business, started by Courtney and Tayla van Wyk. It is a custom-made tie-dye business, where you can personalize your colours and design of choice on many different clothing items available.

My business runs along the fields of both products and services. Services in the sense that I do art on commission/commission work which includes custom prints on clothing or drawings/paintings of and for customers at fixed prices. The products I sell are those works I do for the pure enjoyment thereof, works I would consider as “doing for myself”, yet selling them nonetheless. These include paintings and drawings, printing or embroidering of clothes in private time. The most common of these would be my miniature artworks.

2. Rob Stokes

Quirk: Sometimes you’ve just got to wing it (and wait a long time) before your ship comes in

“I’d love to be able to tell you it all happened according to some grand vision, some master plan – but frankly it didn’t. I quit my job as a waiter, six weeks later I ran out of money, and it took the market seven years to catch on to what we were offering.”

Rob Stokes is the founder of Quirk Digital agency, an idea born on a couch at 3am, and grown to the point that in 2014 its consolidated revenues tipped R140 million and it was sold to international giant WPP.

Rob Stokes is very candid about how accidental some of his successes have seemed.

He describes the beginning of his marketing company as a time where, “we bought and sold software, did some network stuff and made really bad websites.” They then ditched the hardware, slowly ditch the networking thing, and got better at the website thing.

The slightly longer cliff notes is that Quirk digital agency was learning to execute digital marketing campaigns long before businesses understood the value of appearing at the top of a Google Search.

When you’re on the leading edge of a new market you’re the pioneer and there aren’t tried and tested businesses to emulate.

This means a strong stomach for learning lessons, pivoting quickly, and learning to be the best so that when the market is ready, you’re the obvious choice.

Author: Nadine Todd

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Another clever idea by one of our entrants, Angelique Göbel, a photographer, who attends Brainline Learning School.

Angelique has experience with photographing for companies to advertise their products and her photographs are for sale on websites.

Well done Angelique!

One of our Scoolers, Emily, decided to use her initiative to promote her entry at her school The British Academy.

Emily put a poster up on one of the pillars at school, well done Emily, way to go!

Emily runs a professional nail salon that caters for all your nail beauty needs such as gel overlays, sculptures, tips and more.

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JOHANNESBURG – The latest IMD World Competitiveness Rankings paint a grim picture of South Africa’s youth unemployment, with the country ranked No 62 out of the 63 countries surveyed.

The country fares even worse when it comes to total unemployment and is ranked bottom on the list.

The IMD said unemployment and youth unemployment presented a weakness for South Africa’s global competitiveness ranking. The country was ranked No 53 in the global competitiveness rankings.

Mark Orpen, the executive chairperson at the Institute of People Development, said South Africa’s young people were much more likely to have passed through the continent’s formal education systems than their predecessors.

“With that comes a challenge for leaders of business and the government to provide them with the opportunities to apply their skills – and to ensure that their skills can help them thrive in the changing world of work,” said Orpen.

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“Do you have any advice for choosing a business name?”

I’ve been asked this question a lot lately so I thought I’d share my tops tips and things to consider when naming your new business…

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