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Business Name: Frozen Fruit Delight
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Instagram Page: frozenfruitdelights_

I started this business on the 12th of June this year. I felt I wanted to make money in a product I enjoy and to also help out in my community, I came across the frozen berries I would buy from the shops and they were really expensive for the amount you’d buy, so I looked into how I could buy a larger quantity for a cheaper or reasonable price. I have a friend in Johannesburg, Sabrina, who also has her own berry business and she helped guide me into the beginning of my business by recommending buying from a company called “Euroberry”. This was perfect because my prices were about the same as the ones in the shops but I had double the quantity than the shops sold! Enthusiastically I started immediately by creating a poster with my first three products which are frozen blueberries, strawberries, and mixed berries, I advertised this on my WhatsApp contact list and on my first day I completed an outstanding number of orders. I then created a Facebook page for my business and I post weekly berry recipes with my products and share it onto multiple groups that I follow in my area. My customers have each said how surprised they are with how much a 16-year-old girl has done and even when I do deliveries they ask if it’s my moms business. Today, I have a wide customer list that’s grown weekly and each gives very good feedback from their order/s, when I can I regularly ask if how I could improve my business which I’ve learned a lot from too. My most recent extension has been the new stock that I’ve bought and I’ve added two new products which are frozen blackberries and raspberries. At school, I take business, economics, and hospitality, these three subjects cooperate perfectly with my business in terms of skills I’m working with people, communities, and money and I incorporate every lesson with it. I hope to expand my business into giving people healthier and cheaper alternatives such as the packs of thin but crispy pizza bases I also sell that are delivered to me from Knysna. I hope to grow my business bigger in the future with many short-term and long-term goals such as selling my product to shops, restaurants, and cafes, I’m already investing my profit money into advertising and since I currently keep my stock in one freezer at home, I plan one day I could own a few freezers, a shop or a warehouse with a delivery system and website that orders can go through much quicker. I love my business very much and I love my product too which is a great entrepreneurial quality, I even call it my ‘child’ because every day I put effort into growing it and making it the best it could be in the future.

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