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Business Name: Prima Ballerina
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It all started when two little girls heard I was a ballerina. Although in reality I was just a ballet student, they decided that they wanted to do ballet like me, and since we live in a small town, there were no other ballet teachers around. So Prima Ballerina started with 2 little girls wearing tutus and doing plies in my living room.
But in less than a year we managed to grow to almost 20 girls between the ages of 3 and 5, some of which come for classes twice a week. We also managed to find a new venue to do ballet classes at, and managed to grow to two different classes depending on the girls age groups.
At these lessons I strive to not only teach them the foundations of ballet, but also to teach them confidence and individuality to ensure that even if they do not carry on with ballet later in their lives, they still learnt a lot in their ballet classes that benefit them forever.
The long term goal for the business is to one day get a teaching degree in ballet, and to then teach all ages. I plan to also build my own studio and equip it with everything it needs to ensure that my students get the best quality ballet classes possible, and to therefor teach dancers that grow to become professional ballet dancers later in their lives.
To me its not just a business I created for income. It’s my passion, and I am lucky enough to have found a way to create an income from doing what I love. I find myself in awe during every class when I think about how I worked my way up to the point I am at now, where I get paid for simply doing what makes me happy.

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