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Business Name: Platonic Nudes
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My business is primarily the drawing, painting, or embroidery of mostly-clothed “platonic” nudes for a small fee. I make use of the word platonic to avoid the sexualisation of my art because that is not what it’s meant for. What it is meant for, however, is the spreading of body positivity. People send me their submissions and I transform them into a watercolor painting or whatever else they find desirable. I find that when a person is painted or is asked to be painted, it boosts their self-esteem. It’s somewhat flattering to be thought of as art. I do not remove any “blemishes” and leave the person as natural and raw as I can manage. I give people a place to freely express themselves. The submissions have absolutely no limitations, bias or discrimination. Age, race, sexuality, gender, or anything else does not matter. Anyone can be a part of it.

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