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PlantsnStuff started late 2017.I make and sell bamboo straws.  The bamboo is grown and processed  in Cape Town which makes it much better for the environment as many straws are imported.  I cut,  dry, sand and clean them myself.I charge R15 per bamboo straw.At the moment PlantsnStuff is small and I would like to grow it. With the right funds I would love to plant more bamboo,  employ someone to help me process the bamboo as well as start a bamboo removal service. This bamboo will then be turned into bamboo straws and other bamboo products. Currently I am able to also make bamboo tea, cat toys, whistles and pens. I use PlantsnStuff to talk about the negative environmental impact of single use plastics,  I encourage people to stop using single use plastics and to recycle.  I have had pledges at market stalls which encourage people to say no to plastic straws. I would really like to do outreach on the impact of plastics and general litter on the environment. I know I can make a big impact on people and their perceptions of litter and plastic.

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