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Business Name: Kitty Tap - You Keep Them Happy, We’ll Keep Them Healthy!
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It is very important to keep our animals healthy because we love them. Many animals may become dehydrated and this could lead to a disease, like Kidney Failure. My product draws attention from the pet, thus meaning that the animal will drink water. Animals don’t even really like their plain water bowls; how boring! Have you ever seen videos of cats drinking from the tap? Yes, i’ve replicated the tap, made it smaller and efficient. Water is saved (if cats drink from the tap, the water that isn’t going into their mouths is wasted – down the drain) and soon after improvements electricity will be saved too! (4 watt water pump).
Basically my product consists of a bowl, a 4 watt pump, a tap, water and a cover for the pump. It is very easy to put together. I guarantee that your cats / dogs will love my product. I’ve done many tests on it with various numbers of cats and dogs, and not one of them walked away. Please, don’t do it for me. Do it for them.
Kitty Tap – You Keep Them Happy, We’ll Keep Them Healthy!

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