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Business Name: Caleb Lafford

I go to Auctions and house sales and I buy used furniture like chairs, tables, stools, dining room tables lamps and couches.
I also spend a few hours each day searching for good deals on selling sites like gumtree …

I then renovate the furniture by either sanding it and varnishing it or repairing damage and painting it.
Some items just need a good wipe down and they ready to be photographed.

I then sell the items on Facebook or Gumtree.
I also like to focus on electronics and have been very successful selling TVs , IPads , phones and laptops.
When I go to a sale I assess the quality of the item , determine how much I think I can get for the item then decide how much I am willing to pay for it ..
I can pretty much sell anything and over the years have sold anything from a Porta Pack welder to a MacBook Air .

The money I make selling the items I invest back into the business . By buying more stock and better equipment to help make the renovating easier . (Sanders , drills saws ect.)
If I win the money I would like to expand my business and maybe rent a warehouse so that I could buy bigger and more products at a time .. because currently space is a issue .
I would also save half the money so that when I turn 18 I can buy myself a work backie which is essential for my business to be a success …
when I go to sales and I buy a big item like a dining room table ,I have to pay someone to transport it to my house .. That wastes money and makes my profit margin less . So a backie is definitely something I Need.

Also with a bigger capital I will be able to buy more expensive items so the profit will be greater I would soon like to start buying and selling vehicles and my long term goal would be to buy and sell houses .

I believe my business will be a success because I have a good knowledge on the products I buy . That comes from hours of researching , I also have very good people skills to be able to deal with clients . I am also a very good sales man , often when customers come to buy one thing I persuade them to buy many other things .
I’ve been doing this since I was 10 years old and really have a passion for my business.

I hope you like my business proposal and would consider me a suitable person to win the money .

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