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Business Name: The Bucket
Instagram Page: (My personal Insta I use for advertising)

My brother and I sell bucket hats, a very popular and well-known type of hat at the moment, especially with kids our age. We currently sell in person and on my Instagram, this is a very effective way of advertising and selling because it has the perfect target market of people to sell to. At this point in time we just sell plain bucket hats, but once we’ve built up enough capital we are going to print our own designs an brand it with our bucket logo. We will then take these and sell them on platforms such as Takealot and possibly make our own online store. We believe this will be a very successful business because bucket hats are very popular, but are very difficult to find for a reasonable price; in the future we also hope to start selling other apparel as well as any accessories or even anything we see as trending or a good opportunity. We will also be looking at making Instagram and Facebook pages for the business in the near future.

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