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Business Name: YouButterflyMeVintage
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Instagram Page: you_butterfly_me_vintage

At YouButterflyMeVintage I aim to supply my customers with quality vintage and upcycled items.
I am very against mass production as it is so bad for the environment and by reusing and renewing Clothing I am reducing the tons of waste put into our environment every day.
People throw away relatively new items everyday but if more people became aware of the fact that this is a huge problem for our environment then more people could sell their old clothes and buy others in exchange or even trade items as well as upcycling items to turn them into completely new and exciting things!
I have always struggled with being a very shy and reserved person and people always considered me to be rude and unfriendly however, since I opened up my business in 2016 I have not only grown and learnt so much but have managed to make enough money to be able to invest it and put money back into growing my business. I am now far more independent and happy with myself and my life, more than I have ever been before.
I dream of creating fashion workshops for children as I know when I was younger I always wished for a way to learn how to make things for myself. It is such an amazing feeling to be able to create something yourself rather than just buying it from the shops so I would love to give children, or anybody for that matter the opportunity to learn new skills and be more aware of the fast moving fashion industry around them.
I would like to be able to make items that are versatile to every person and can fit to any preference or size as I know how it feels that because of my size I am not able to wear a beautiful item that someone else has but if I am able to create items that are versatile to every person perhaps I would be able to impact peoples live in a positive way to eliminate the stigma of one thing is beautiful and I am not because in reality all people are beautiful and that is where I feel the fashion industry has gone so wrong and where I would like to change it to show that all people are beautiful regardless of their shape, size, race etc.
If I were able to win this challenge it would be an amazing opportunity for me to better my business and get a jump start into reaching my dreams. I would hopefully be able to invest my winnings so that the money could grow plus I could add all of the money that I have saved and this would hopefully be enough to open up a little shop where I could continue to sell vintage and up-cycled items on a larger scale as well as making items catering to all people that suit their preferences and make all people feel beautiful. If there was enough space in this shop I would also begin my journey on creating fashion workshops for children and anyone else who would like to join.

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