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The Cape Town Music Room consists of three projects. The live events, Studio and performance project. It was launched in January of 2018, with its very first showcase which saw a cornucopia of young talent under one roof. Proceeds of this first show went towards buying studio equipment.
The studio project has recently kicked off, after a whole lot of fundraising (and shamefully… some borrowing too). This studio will be used to offer recording opportunities for lowered, to no rates for under-exposed upcoming artists. These artists then get the opportunity to network with a whole lot of other artists at our monthly shows, which also acts as the main fundraising effort for the studio.
These artists also get opportunities to perform with the performance branch of Cape Town Music Room known as the Cape Collective. Not only are they a band, but a strategic advertising campaign that has been active since the very first show. The more the band performs, the more people know about Cape Town Music Room.
Ultimately, the vision of Cape Town Music Room is for young artists to realise their potential, as we assist them them through to the WORLD STAGES!

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