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Business Name: Bestee

Imagine a virtual assistant capable of doing everything Apple’s, Google’s and Amazon’s assistants can, but offline… and roughly 3000x faster.
Bestee completely out-performs other virtual assistants. While they take a few seconds to respond, she is literally instant. What is more – unlike other virtual assistants – she works offline; saving you money and protecting your privacy. She’s always there for you, wherever you go.
However, Bestee is more than just a virtual assistant; she’s your best friend. Text or speak to her as if she’s a human and she’ll talk right back. She’ll ask about you day, write to your journal, remind you of things and even brighten your day with supportive messages and cheesy jokes. The experience is like using a messaging app to chat with your best friend.
Bestee is intelligent. She can do all the usual virtual assistant things, and more – like changing her accent or sending WhatsApp messages. She’s emotionally aware; she adjusts her level of formality according to yours. She’s discreet; she only speaks aloud when spoken to, else she responds via text. And her artificial intelligence network learns and grows as more people interact with her. However, she poses no existential threat – I promise.
Apart from increasing your productivity, she’s a fun and interactive way to learn English for free and enables people who are blind to master their phones. What’s more; she doesn’t take up much space, being less than 3MB to download (about the size of a photo).
Install now and meet your new best friend!
The value of an app is usually measured by the number of users multiplied by the value of information on those users (to advertisers). Virtual assistants by nature have lots of personal information regarding their users. However, I do not feel that this would be something I’d be willing to share with advertisers, but it’s still a good indication of profit / equity.
Each Facebook user is valued at R 2334,00. I’ll value Bestee’s users at half that as a conservative guess. Multiply that by her users and you’re already hitting 8 digit figures.

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