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Business Name: The Dreamchaser Fashion Show
Instagram Page: @thedreamchaserfashionshow

My name is Fabrice Nahimana; I’m 18 years old and currently in grade 12 at SACS. My life revolves around sport and especially rugby. I began playing the game at a young age and my knowledge and passion for it has increased immensely over the years. When Siya Kolisi and Tim Whitehead launched their own underwear brand (Frankees), I was inspired to start thinking beyond rugby and start also investing my energy in projects that I can always fall back on even after I stop playing rugby.
Growing up, I occasionally struggled with self-esteem because I was chubby and had a dark complexion (in a society where racial prejudice remains a reality) all along whilst trying to overcome hindrances in my way to realising my life goals. At school, I felt like I was worthless due to the pressure of trying to fit in or dress like the popular people. I was going through a hard time and would at times be stressed about it. But luckily, in the end I noticed I needed to learn to accept and love myself as ultimately none amongst us is perfect. We are all, without exception, imperfect creatures. I was lucky because I played rugby and other sports. Playing team sports helped me because the love and compassion I received from the other players helped me realise that I could and was indeed loved by so many people and that, most importantly, these people loved me for who I was.
As such, I came up with an idea to do a fashion show Company that is not only going to be an opportunity for local artists, models and others to showcase their talents, but also a chance to bring about awareness about the reality and dangers of low self-esteem and other related behavioural issues plaguing the youth. Issues of mental illness and emotional instability often seem mysterious and unpreventable but they can be stopped and the fashion show basically intends to tell people, mainly youngsters, that they don’t need to be skinny, clever and have the latest tech gadgets to “fit in”. The Fashion show promises to always be a thrillingly unforgettable experience while at the same time immensely informative and beneficial in terms of emotional wellbeing.
I did a fashion show last December and had brands like the Shopaholic and Frankees etc. This year, I was asked by Sumaridge wine company to do a fashion show in Hermanus on the 16th of June at the Sumaridge wine farm. On the 16 of June was the Youth day, so the fashion show was to celebrate the youth day and I did a charity element where we did a ruffle and donated the money to a charity that provides education to homeless kids.

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