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My business initiative focuses on encouraging the use of eco friendly, reusable & biodegrade products in our daily lives.
The awareness is growing & people are generally more conscious of how harmful plastic & other non-biodegradable products are to our planet.
Bamboozled highlights the use of bamboo & other biodegradable products in less conventional ways: products are primarily made from bamboo & natural materials that are grown freely & are extremely durable, yet 100% natural & not in any way harmful to our planet.
My products consist of bamboo straws & wooden cutlery mainly (all personalised -optional) – this is convenient to carry in your handbag and use when buying a take out or sipping on your smoothie at a restaurant (straws are suitable to all drinks – even milkshakes); I am expanding the range to toothbrushes, hairbrushes & combs; all sold in biodegradable packaging.
I’m a passionate young aspiring marine biologist & oceanologist. I have an absolute love for the ocean & advocate with all I am to save our marine life.
I completed the Two Oceans Aquarium courses, this year achieving my Diamond certificate, started an Eco club & am constantly encouraging recycling & banning of especially plastic straws and shopping packets, on all forms of social media & through various initiatives e.g. Beach clean ups
I’m further expanding my initiative with deodorants in glass jars, soap & shampoo bars (that are made with no harmful chemicals that harm your skin & the earth in the long term) all without the plastic container which help you stay trendy, in the new eco friendly way.
My mission is to get as many people as I can to say no to plastic, yes to living waste free & to reuse & recycle! Recycling is easy when it becomes part of your daily routine. Buying eco products is awesome when it’s packaged in a way that makes you want to make a difference if not to the planet then to yourself !
Order your Bamboozled Bamboo Personalized Straw and Coconut Husk Cleaner – the only biodegradable cleaner on the market!
By engraving your name on your bamboo straw, you can publicly display your personal support for our planet!
Help me reach more people with my Bamboozled range by casting your vote!
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