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I breed with two types of quail, I use my father’s hatchery to hatch eggs laid and I aim to have enough birds to supply lodges in Namibia with quail and quail eggs – a delicacy enjoyed by tourists in an unexpected vicinity, such as Namibia.
I started off with 10 birds and currently own approximately 1400 birds. I have sold a few at a local show, which proved very popular as pets among kids. I try to keep as many birds as possible, to breed, so that I can expand to meet the demand (According to a quick survey, I will need to supply 1000 quail per month).
I have self funded and designed the cages where the quail are kept; buy food and pay my father for the use of the hatchery. 500 hatch-lings are hatching per week, which is less than the eggs put in the hatchery. I have discovered that the depth and quality of the water trough plays a significant role in survival of the hatch-lings.
I live on a farm in Namibia which means that diseases among the birds are rare, so I have not lost any birds due to disease.

I am selling feeding and watering troughs for poultry at school, in able to fund my growing business. I have successfully pickled quail eggs myself as well.

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