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Business Name: Kyra's Little Market
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Kyra’s Little Market is based in the Winelands, selling quality items on various “buy & sell” groups, from the garage. at school and as far as Namibia. (Bill Gates also started his business in a garage) I sell a pandora’s box of items from painted pine cones, 2nd hand items, furniture, and clothes that are in very good condition at affordable prices for high and low-income groups. I constantly hunt for valuable unwanted or low-priced quality items. Restore and re-sell that, as it guarantees a higher income with low inset costs. Part of my profits I use for paying daily wages, buying new stock and buy equipment helping me with production and restoration. For the restoration of the furniture and painting of the pine cones, local unemployed people are hired on a temporary basis and by that part-time jobs are created. Kyra’s Little Market is a humble start, but a good basis teaching me the ups and downs of what to expect and how to overcome future opticals in running a sustainable business. It gives me time and the opportunity to learn, build my confidence and get my foot in the door and get the momentum of how to succeed as an entrepreneur. Networking & building trust with current and potential future clients are very important in business,… satisfied clients are very important to build a national and international basis for my the trademark “Kyra’s” and my future Performing Arts business….I have dreams and I live my dreams….people have to believe and trust me in what I have to offer.

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