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Business Name: Diabetics Delight

According to the International Diabetes Federation, 425 million people have diabetes in the world.
The saddening part of this dilemma is that diabetics have to be extra cautious and vigilant of what they consume because having food items that are rich in sugar, salt and certain carbohydrates can worsen their health state.
Diabetics Delight is a small business that I established.
It aims to include individuals with diabetes in the food market especially when it comes to treats. I produce treat packages that include :almond nuts with a dash of sugar free yogurt and diced fruit, sugar free fruit pizzas and berries with sugar free custard sauce, I believe that being diabetic doesn’t mean you can’t have any treats.
All these food products are sugar free and diabetic friendly.
My business contributes to the 17 Sustainable Development goals that have to be accomplished by 2030, specifically the third goal which is Good Health and Well-being.
Since it is a newly established business I’m only able to sell these products to my diabetics family members, friends and community.
I’d like to reach out to all parts of the globe, I’d like to make an impact in each and every continent , because diabetes is an intercontinental disease.

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