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Business Name: Sky-High Kaila Enterprise
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Sky-High is a boutique management consultancy. The firm provides technology advisory and technology transfer solutions. Sky-High seeks to commercialise emerging technologies. Primarily, our core income derives from helping SMEs design digital strategies and architecture plans that keeps pace with the ever changing digital business. Within this segment; our revenue model is subscription based. Currently we are ought to serve an average of 50 clients. Our average revenue per user is R1200. And based on our sales pro-forma, we are expecting CARG of 45% for the next three years. For the next three years, we will only focus our attention on aquiring clients for a single subscription. During this time, we will focus on building automated systems and procceses.
Sky-High will additionally generate income by taking commission off each successful place.
Sky-High will serve as a technology transfer conduit between research institutions and the business sector specializing in licensing. Sky-High will primarily act as an agent of the institutions and actively research the possible applications of a patented technology. Using this analysis, it will identify and approach companies in those sectors that may have a use for the technology.
In terms of developing digital development strategies, we provide advisory on the pros and cons of the transition to the digital economy. We promote the relevance of the digital economy for investment and investment policy. Our aim is to bridge that gap through training and by educating the small business owner in how to utilize the resources they have, and leverage the technology available to get the most out of their businesses. Inevitably, we help build and accelerate their strategic assets and technology roadmaps. Critically, the focus is moving toward capital components such as intangibles and cash. Through our digital strategies, we tend to achieve a strong technological and market momentum prompted by the digital revolution, financial solidity and spending capacity due to promoting very high margins and liquidity, as well as a managerial culture oriented towards investment and innovation among small medium enterprises.
In a nutshell, Sky-High matches intellectual property owners with those that can use the technology to create profits that both parties can enjoy. Additionally, we create digital strategies for those pursuing technological innovation in the new economic.
South Africa is ranked 58th in the Global Innovation Index; the company is founded on the mission of making it No1 by 2025. Another challenge, we are thriving to conquer is the South Africa R&D expenditure. South Africa’s percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) spend on R&D has steadily decreased to 0.76% in 2010-2011 from 0.93% in 2007-2008, according to the Human Sciences Research Council.
The percentage of GDP spent on R&D is considered an important metric for economic growth. Thats why we have set an ambitious goal of 3.5% by the year 2023. Lastly, we will produce more research and technological outputs than any other country in the world by 2028. This is why this company was started. We want more responsibility in the global economy. We dedicate every breath to champion the SDG 9 set by the UN and compliment the NDP2030 by creating world class research and development projects…

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