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Business Name: Sasafrika cl
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The Sasafrika(S) is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Rodney Mathabi,I sell T-shirt and Caps printed the name of my brand and a design logos for other local brands that sell clothes
Sasafrika provides visual communication services to established, primarily Eugene-based, local designed brands. Some of the services offered are corporate identity, marquees and logos.
The target customers of Sasafrika(S) are teenagers. I offer unique products to this area, and expect an increasing interest amongst young people who generally like to experience new things. Sasafrika(S) also drives to be very competitive with prices and on top of the latest styles around . Teenagers tend to keep up with the latest fads, therefore, I expect to see a steady increase in this customer segment.
The last target customers of Sasafrika is listed as Other. I expect to see a wide variety of people interested in something new like locally based design and different.from Local students to business people. As sasafrika(S) I believes that I offer great customer service and an overall welcoming, warm, and educating atmosphere, which will keep a variety of customers coming back.

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Students in Grade 8 to Grade 12 can enter their existing money-making venture, hobby or business and stand a chance of winning R100 000. Four runner-ups will each receive R10 000 worth of coaching for their businesses.

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