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Business Name: Mister3DPrinter
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Mister3DPrinter is a business designed around the premise of creating almost anything with the power of a 3D printer.
The material within the 3D printer extruder is heated so that is melts, the machine then extruders the material in the melted state. This molten material then solidifys at room tempreture causing the material to harden. This process is repeated hundreds of times a minute. This process can make anything from a small figure from your favourite movie or TV show, to a full suit of Iron Man armour -with a small amount of patience-.
When the project is finished printing, their may be many pieces to the project, I must then assemble each piece and insure it lives up to my expectations. In order to complete the project I transform it into a presentable product by doing detail work on the project such as sanding a rough edges. The next step, if the customer has requested, is for the product to be painted.
Once the product has been printed, assembled and painted it is generally delivered to the customer by hand.

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