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Business Name: Style & Grace
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Our business is all about fashion and Style @ Style and grace.
We sell Different kinds of clothing From shirts(V necks, Round Necks , Golfers and Long Sleeves) Caps and hats.
We believe that As Fashion changes Our style Endures with its unique touch as we believe in what we do and have a passion for it.
This is not just a business of Profit But aimed to encourage other youths out there to think of something to create income, in this way Our youths will be kept away from crime activities , The youth who are empowered by the spirit of entrepreneurship will be arising where local communities will rise up and eventually lead to the development of our country
as a whole .we also believe that; we as youths have the power to change the world.
With this kind of business, people who cant afford expensive clothing are able to buy from us as our prices are not high, The business pays 3 students to be models of the brand. In this way, those with a problem of money are being catered thus they atleast have an ability to afford some of the things the cant afford.
The business is very profitable and helpful to the community.
We believe that In the future, Our business is going to expand across international borders, We are going to employ many people, sponser many companies that offer competitions like this, encourage more youths to get involved in entrepreneurship and Fund teenagers who have the ability.

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Students in Grade 8 to Grade 12 can enter their existing money-making venture, hobby or business and stand a chance of winning R100 000. Four runner-ups will each receive R10 000 worth of coaching for their businesses.

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