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Business Name: Outside the Closet
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Outside the Closet is an online second-hand clothing store, established in January 2018, that acts as a middle platform that brings buyers and sellers together. Outside the Closet aims at alleviating the need for newly manufactured goods, therefore decreasing the need for child and sweat shop labour in the clothing industry and also proudly aiming to decrease the amount of pollution that the clothing production industry produces. If more people sell and buy second hand clothes then less people will need to buy new clothes. Outside the Closet markets preloved clothing on the behalf of people wanting to sell their clothes. We collect, wash, stitch up loose hems, photograph our models wearing the clothes and market them on our social media sites, we also provide a delivery network. We have an agreement with our sellers in regards to the prices of the clothing, Outside the Closet also receives 20% of the selling price. We provide an easy way for people to sell and purchase preloved clothing, and encourage more people to sell their clothes so that more people can buy second-hand clothes. Our website is under development and should be launched early October. We have made over R1 000 so far from sales, approximately R1 300 without including the cost of packaging. We are a small business with a big heart, we care about our impact on the environment, we aim at debunking the thought that old clothes are only bought by people who can’t afford to buy new clothes and instead make it a trend that people become aware of their contribution to pollution and child/sweatshop workers when supporting the clothing industries that make use of this labour and contribute these tones of waste.

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