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Business Name: Reign Forex Power
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Reign Forex Power
Registered at CIPC under (NBSB Investments)
I have Phenomenal money making Businesses that is Scars and separated to our Fellow South Africans.
Empowering the youth with more advanced Skills and Information to depend on themselves with Trading Forex / Fragrances Business, because it requires Socialism especially the #Inuka_Fragrances.
I have 4/5 Years Experience in:
#Currency_Trading and 1/5 Year Experience in #Funds_Management
#INUKA Franchisor it have been 10 Months now
I Recruited people to the Products i sell & I Introduced them to the Businesses i do and they also got Trained of #Technical Analysis, #Fundamental Analysis, #Physiology of the Market Forecast for #CurrencyTrading.
That was extremely Successful Because of the Good Impact that my businesses have on people and i give what people deserve to get in order for them to move forward.
Thank you !

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What is this about?

Students in Grade 8 to Grade 12 can enter their existing money-making venture, hobby or business and stand a chance of winning R100 000. Four runner-ups will each receive R10 000 worth of coaching for their businesses.

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