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My business specialises in telecommunications, that offers Virtual Private Network services to our clients. These VPN’s as they are known, give our clients security, privacy and reliability when surfing through the internet. The VPN also offers 250 megabytes daily for a fee, this allows clients to access banned websites and gives them the relaxation off their devices being hacked. Each and every home requires a VPN to protect themselves from strangers hacking into their Wireless Network without consent. The most unique and fundamental necessity of a VPN is the potential to expand it in different ways, most businesses use it to save confidential files, some for cloud storage, most for the use of your home’s router even when you are miles away from it and lastly is the obvious fact of hackers hacking into your home system or workplace database. Our company is still developing and will be efficient in the next years because of the rise in cyber attacks.

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Students in Grade 8 to Grade 12 can enter their existing money-making venture, hobby or business and stand a chance of winning R100 000. Four runner-ups will each receive R10 000 worth of coaching for their businesses.

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