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For the past two years I have been running parties for kids and teenagers my own age and younger in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. I have all my own equipment including rig, lights and smoke machine that I saved up for and bought myself. I get very good reviews and I am busy with parties most weekends, although usually my parents only allow me to do 1 gig a weekend because of schoolwork. I take care of my own bookings and finances with the occasional help of my parents. I have been told that I have an excellent feel for music with a wide variety of tastes, probably because I am also a musician (I play the jazz guitar in the SACS High School Jazz Band) and produce my own music on Logic Pro X.

I have found that both parents and kids like the fact that I am the same age as the kids having the parties. I also make sure that I am as professional as possible when dealing with parents when they contact me. I send them a booking form for full details of their function, communicate with them regularly leading up to the date and arrive well before the start time, with my “DJ Ross” branded clothing for both me and my assistant (a class mate). I also manage all the finances around the business, ensuring that a deposit is paid into my account and that I get paid the balance after the event. I have been told by parents before that I am more professional than some adults they have dealt with. There are quite a lot of other kids doing what I do in Cape Town, but I have never been short of gigs and my small business is doing very well. I make about R1,500 each weekend I have a gig, after paying my assistant.

I would like to grow this into a music production business.

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