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Business Name: The Card Company
Instagram Page: the_card_company

South Africa faces many challenges, with unemployment being the biggest. With the combined challenges of our strained education system, it makes it very demanding on both parents and children in particular who are now faced with many more hurdles; initially to complete primary and secondary school education, and then to hopefully secure a place to complete tertiary education. But will we be able to secure work in industry thereafter? There lies another hurdle!

Having considered the number of uncertainties and looking at the growing culture of entrepreneurship in our city and country, it is almost a life skill and necessity to grow a small business so that we are able to take care of ourselves, and to reduce the strain on government and contribute to our economy.

Making cards for family and friends started because of how expensive mass produced cards at stores have become. We realized that commercial items in general become expensive due to operational costs. And as we loved making cards in any event, it made sense for us to turn our hobby into a business after the overwhelming positive response we receive from after giving cards to family and friends on their special occasions.

Cards inspire, motivate, encourage and brighten a person’s ordinary day. Beautiful images and inspiring words on a card are a pleasant distraction to a fast pace and highly technological world of screens. Cards are sentimental, and most people keep sentimental ones their whole life.

With the cost of living being unfortunately so high and with daily necessities being so highly priced, people struggle to buy things of sentimental value. As we ourselves do not want to spend that much to express our emotions and sentiments, we thought to take the opportunity and by making cards in our home and providing a much more reasonable service to our family, friends, and public.

With a number of imported items flooding our local market, we as young entrepreneurs would love to impact the market by providing simple cards made by our hands. Home Grown is our vision. And so is being independent and providing an avenue for ourselves in a difficult time. The unemployment rate in South Africa is very high and we would like to be a part of solving that problem.

We would like to grow our company so that it is self sustainable. Our methods are simple and is done by hand. We believe that this gives a personal touch to our work and that this personal touch will touch the lives of those who receive it.

Personalized hand made cards that are sold at a reasonable price are welcomed by many people.
We aim to make our cards look neat and professional so that it becomes the preferred choice.
We believe with hard work and determination we can accomplish much.

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