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Business Name: The Alph Clothing Co.
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The Alph is an online based clothing shop focussing on good quality, affordable clothing for young adults and teens, specialising in finding something for every body tipe. Our label is just that, ours. It truly is a part of us that we put into our clothing. Because the label’s style is determined by two very different individuals, we are able to bring a perfect balance of people’s independent styles when it comes to our clothing.

It all started about two years ago. We were discussing starting a business together because we wanted to express creativity in a secure and structured manner-you will be surprised how much designing goes into all the individual elements. On an unrelated note we vocalised our concerns regarding individuals’ struggle to find clothing that represent their personality. On top of that we were tired of paying ridiculous amounts for cloned styles found in shops. When these two topics collided, ALPH emerged. That same day we converted an unused Instagram account into our business account, a redecoration if you will. The name came some two hours later after about 20 others that just did not seem to stick in our heads. It is derived from the Greek: Alpha.

Obviously running a business in school comes with some trials. Time is one of the most difficult things to deal with and I am not entirely sure that we will ever overcome it, but that’s part of the journey and only brings experience. The first time we try something new, there is definitely an element of fear, but doing something repetitively also brings experience by making it easier. 
The biggest trial would be running everything on one’s own when the other is away or needs time off. It does strengthen the gratefulness to the other being part of the business once the workload has been lightened after the break.

One thing that has actually not been a problem is equally distributing the workload, we constantly fear disappointment from the other if we were to do too little, so we try to come up with new ideas and contribute as much as we can and we are both so grateful for the other as this would certainly not be possible alone. I think that is partly what contributes to our success so far.

We are passionate. Often we would have hour long chats about our future in this business. We would go off on a tangent and to anyone listening we might seem a bit too optimistic. We would find ourselves dwelling the hallways of the future, getting worked up on ideas and concepts, discussing what we stand for, and what we have achieved. I guess this is a behind the scenes of our inner thinkings.
We feel that it is more of a responsibility than a privilege to use our platform to change views on matters within the beauty and clothing industry. We do small things like making diverse body type clothing available, and having ambassadors who all differ in size, style, tallness and personality. We truly know what is inside a young girl’s head and because we have personally experienced the harsh effects of unrealistic standards, we feel it is important to abolish the stigma with our platform of over four thousand followers.

In ten years time we would love to be able to do this full time, have a shop and have our name on young people’s lips. But who can tell the future? We take it step-by-step and focus on our short and long term goals, so that we can grow perfectly. One thing is for certain, this is the path we will take to our future.
@alphclothing, on Instagram, has featured in ‘Cape Town Writer’ magazine where they perfectly describe what we stand for as young entrepreneurs. We have collaborated with numerous other successful individuals, bloggers, youtubers and so much more, to put forward a product that we can be proud of and that we can, hopefully, take forward one day. Income wise, we are more than killing it and proud to say so. Our website was made entirely by me.

Lastly, style is the first chapter of your story that people read, so make it count! 

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