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Business Name: Creative Archive Africa
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With the massive explosion of cyberspaces, the world and it’s people have lead themselves into an era of the intangables and everyday we are discovering new fresh cyberspaces where we can share data, indulge in unlimited knowledge and even shop from home. Every day that passes, the world is becoming less and less practical, but, as long as humans are humans, we will always crave for a tangible product which we can see and touch. Although the internet is a fantastic tool to promote present and future, it is difficult to find what was happening a few years back, today, as the internet is a fast growing space which is constantly being updated to suite the present user. So, we Creative Archive Africa are focused on archiving present creative scenes (which include: Fashion; Music; Visual Art & Articles) for future generations. As art & culture is something that is happening at a particular time of a peoples development. We are currently based on the internet but hope to soon move into a tangible form (almanacs)

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Students in Grade 8 to Grade 12 can enter their existing money-making venture, hobby or business and stand a chance of winning R100 000. Four runner-ups will each receive R10 000 worth of coaching for their businesses.

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