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Business Name: Liquid Blue South Africa
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Liquid Blue South Africa sells trendy, vibrant apparel (i.e Tshirts and peak caps) with cool sayings and messages that appeals to South African youth. Liquid Blue South Africa offers a unique style that cannot be found in stores which makes it desirable and in vogue.
Not only do we sell our own modish designs but we offer clients the opportunity to design their own Tshirts. We offer cheaper prices than custom stores in shopping centre’s and thus makes Liquid Blue South Africa the favorite youth custom t-shirt store in Cape Town. We do bulk custom orders and supply schools, companies and religious organizations- Liquid Blue South Africa made custom hoodies for Monument Park High School’s choir for their tour in London.
Liquid Blue South Africa is nationally known and delivers nation wide at a competitive rate.
Our products can be ordered via our several social media platforms such as Facebook (Liquid Blue South Africa) , Instagram (@liquidbluesouthafrica) , WhatsApp and email (
Our products will soon be available for purchase at the Local Design Store in Woodstock, Cape Town.
Liquid Blue South Africa is currently in high demand in Namibia and we wish to import to Namibia in the foreseeable future.
We continue to deliver impressive quality products and we are pleased to provide customers with superior service.
Our slogan proudly states:
LIQUID BLUE SOUTH AFRICA – Get ahead of the wave!!!
Liquid blue is a clothing apparel currently partnered by Zaylon Solomon and Terenique Frantz . The business officially opened its doors on the 24th of March 2017 at 123 Voortrekker being its location ( for pick ups from online orders) . The main product that the business is based on are t-shirts . The business has a promising future ahead with constant demand for its out-of-the-box ideas and designing components that each of the t-shirts embody . Although being young at the time , partners Zaylon ( 16) Terenique (17) who now are Zaylon (17) and Terenique (18) are constantly proving that being an entrepreneur is not defined by age but by creativity and hard work . The road to success is a long prosperous journey and these young entrepreneurs are well on their way to achieving and bringing about a fresh perspective to all people who are seeking jobs or creating their own .
Liquid blue creates apparel that’s exciting and diverse . Each piece of clothing is not only unique and stylish but embodies the out-of-the-box essence which liquid blue is made up out of . Liquid blue doesn’t only create the wave but we are the wave .

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