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Business Name: Set-the-bar-installers
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From a young age I came up with several business ideas to supplement my pocket money and cash flow. By observing several skilled tradesmen and being inquisitive, my general knowledge in the technical field increased. I started off with small handyman work for neighbors. This ranged from replacing sand in pool filters to fixing irrigation, small electrical appliances and audio-visual connections.
During the last couple of years, I combined this skills base and knowledge with my passion for technology, planning and being business orientated. My business became more specialized and I now offer several services to satisfied customers. I deal with a customer from marketing, quoting, installation to final invoicing. Although my mom is still the supplier of logistics to an extent because I do not have my own car, I also source my own materials through dedicated accounts with registered wholesale suppliers. I managed to build good relationships with various of these suppliers throughout the country. However, I ensure that I source the best suppliers to deliver the best products, prices and service to my clients. Internet is also a very helpful tool to search for good quality components at wholesale prices. This adds to my bottom-line, but also allows me to price competitively in a highly contested marked and industry.
I have 1 part time employee and occasionally I enroll additional employees (friends and my younger brother) who assist me on bigger projects to ensure efficiency and improve turnaround time.
The following are four of the disciplines that I have branched out into with considerable success over the past two years:
A) Set-the-bar-installers – installs see through/clear burglar bars for the security and peace of mind of a home owner. These differ from normal burglar bars as they are made from polycarbonate and are extremely durable. This line of service is marketed by word of mouth and through custom made flyers I printed for distribution in the neighborhood.
B) Electric Fence Installation – I went for training at Nemtek and are certified and qualified to install electric fencing. To date I have completed several projects of various sizes to high standards. New projects and repairs and maintenance.
C) Internet Protocol and Networking – I also specialize in the field of IP and networking and the installation of IP cameras. I install quality enterprise grade wifi and networking solutions and have completed fully functional and integrated projects at complexes and residential clients.
D) General maintenance – I excel in irrigation (planning, repairs and automated system installations), pool care from A-Z, audio-visual and general all-round maintenance
Although I do make use of hired tools and equipment to some extent, I have reinvested profits into my business by acquiring high quality cordless tools, a mitre saw, a drill press, pneumatic tools, various drills, ladders, a compressor, a label machine and the hand tools that I use most frequently.
My school works comes first, but this business is definitely a way to occupy me during holidays (and not-so-busy weekends), a way to do what I enjoy, as well as a source of saving towards equipment and my own form of transport.
I hope to purchase a domain and expand my business in other ways. My Instagram page linked has just a few pictures of the many installations that I have completed.
I do in fact, ‘set-the-bar’.

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