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Business Name: Save a Fishie
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I sell 100% biodegradable and compostable straws!
I am a High School student and self-proclaimed environmental activist!
I am a Ranger with the Bothasig Guide Company, a volunteer at the Two Ocean’s Aquarium and co-founder of the Eco-club at my high school! I have also logged nearly 250 hours of community service over the last 2 and half years!!
My interest in straws began over 2 years ago when I started running regular beach cleanups while working towards my Protea award (the highest award in Guiding)!
I was shocked and horrified at the number of straws littering our beautiful beaches, amongst all the other discarded single-use plastic items!
When I saw the video of the sea turtle with a plastic straw deeply embedded in his nose, that was literally the LAST STRAW for me!! I was so upset by that video I made a vow then and there to never use a plastic straw again!!
This led me on a quest to find a cheap biodegradable straw, easily available to everyone! So no more excuses!!
I sell prepackaged straws, made from PLA, which looks and feels like plastic but are completely biodegradable and compostable! No more mushy paper straws, no more costly metal or glass straws, no more having to clean your straws in the restaurant! This is an environmental-friendly, cost-effective, easy alternative! Not everyone can afford a fancy straw…this product is aimed at the average person on the street who would like to do their part and not have it affect their pocket! To date I have sold nearly 1 000 straws…that’s nearly 1000 LESS PLASTIC STRAWS in circulation! Amazing!!
I have also added other eco-friendly products to my range, including notebooks and pens, all made from recycled paper and/or wood pulp, and will continue to look and source products that are friends to the environment. Watch this space…exciting things are coming!!!
I am constantly looking for ways to help our planet and do regular beach cleanups at Milnerton Lagoon, Sunset beach and Blouberg and I encourage everyone to join a beach cleanup when they are able to!
I have a Facebook page and can be contacted there or via Whatsapp for any orders.
I still encourage everyone to try to NOT use a straw, but if you must use one, please make sure it’s a biodegradable straw!!!
Help me.
Help the environment.
Save a Fishie.

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